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New Council Homes - We are on track to deliver!

13 May 2021
Stand Up for Social Housing

Under Southwark Labour, the council is on track to have over 2,500 new council homes built or under construction by 2022.  Providing genuinely affordable and high quality homes for thousands of local people. 

The housing crisis in London is more acute than ever with unregulated private rents skyrocketing, and the Tory’s Right to Buy scheme continuing to deplete council housing stock across the capital.

Thanks to decades of work by Labour, Southwark already has the highest proportion of council homes of any borough in the country.  Now we are building more.  Including the largest council house building site in the country on the Aylesbury Estate, providing 581 new council homes. 

You can find out about the new council homes we are building in your area here:


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