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Vote for all Londoners, vote for Sadiq

04 May 2021

On Thursday, 6th of May, Londoners will vote to choose the Mayor of London, in an election delayed by a year as a result of the pandemic. We all get three votes this time, on three separate ballot papers. I will be voting to re-elect Sadiq Khan as Mayor, voting for Marina Ahmad to be our Greater London Assembly Member for Southwark as well as voting Labour on the London wide list.

Sadiq is the only candidate for Mayor who consistently stands up for all Londoners, but don’t just take my word for it – take two minutes to look at his record.

He has supported Southwark to build desperately needed, genuinely affordable homes across our borough. Since he was elected as Mayor of London he has provided over £190 million to Southwark to help us build much needed new council homes, helping to put us on track to have over 2,500 new council homes built or under construction in our borough by this time next year. As a result under Sadiq London now has the largest council house building programme our city has seen since 1983.

He has also taken bold action to clean up London’s toxic air.  When he was first elected, 455 schools in London were breathing illegal levels of toxic air. Working together to expand the number of School Streets, including in Southwark, this number has been reduced by 97%. Meanwhile, Southwark delivered more than 3 kilometres of addition cycle lanes across our borough this year alone, as part of the Mayor’s five-fold increase of protected cycling space across the city since 2016. Combined with action to get the most polluting vehicles off our streets, Sadiq has reduced toxic air pollution by one third since 2016.

We all know that Sadiq is the son of a bus driver, which explains in part why he has fought to improve our city’s transport infrastructure and make it more affordable for everyone. He froze all TfL fares for five years, saving London households £200 on average. He introduced the Hopper bus fare which has been used on over 500 million journeys. He opened the night tube. And when the Tory government threatened to axe free travel for the under 18s and over 60s, Sadiq stood up for London and defeated these plans.

The past five years have seen more than their fair share of challenges for London. We were wrenched out of Europe against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Londoners. We heard Donald Trump repeatedly attack our capital. We saw unspeakable tragedy at Grenfell Tower, and in our own Borough with the horrific London Bridge terror attacks. Then the pandemic dealt an enormous blow to our city.

Looking to the future we know that London needs a Mayor who will stand up for all Londoners, now more than ever. We need a Mayor who has a hopeful vision and the experience to deliver on it; to build the social homes we need, tackle the climate emergency and create opportunities for all Londoners as we emerge from the pandemic.

If you agree with me, then remember to use all three of your votes for Sadiq Khan, Marina Ahmad and Labour on Thursday 6th May. 


Cllr Kieron Williams, Leader of Southwark Council and Labour Group


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