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Southwark Labour asks government to think twice about scrapping the Universal Credit uplift for 40,000 Southwark residents

21 January 2021

Southwark Labour is repeating its calls to maintain the £20 a week Universal Credit uplift permanently beyond March, as part of a growing army of charities, local authorities and think tanks who are petitioning the government to #CancelTheCut.

41,172 Southwark residents are currently in receipt of Universal Credit, following the first lockdown where the amount of residents claiming Universal Credit doubled, according to Citizens Advice Southwark.
The £20 a week uplift has been a vital safety net for those on the lowest incomes in the borough and Southwark Labour is extremely concerned that scrapping it would push residents further into poverty, at a time where families are struggling more than ever.

Cllr Kieron Williams, Leader of the Council, said: ‘It is disappointing that I wrote to the Prime Minister over a month ago outlining the catastrophic effect abandoning the uplift would have on Southwark residents, and I have not yet received a reply. The financial worries of residents will not disappear overnight on the 31st March - we are still very much in the peak of the pandemic, which is why cutting Universal Credit now would be both cruel and illogical’.

Note to Editors

41,172 Southwark residents are currently in receipt of Universal Credit and will be therefore be effected by the scrapping of the £20 uplift, according to data from DWP:


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