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Southwark Labour Group position on Antisemitism

13 September 2019
The Labour Party is an anti-racist party committed to combating and campaigning against all forms of racism, including Antisemitism and Islamophobia. As Labour Councillors we are united in our commitment to fight racism and to protect our Labour values of equality and diversity. 

We are deeply concerned by the presence of all forms of racism in society - including within our own party - and reaffirm our commitment, set out in a recent cross party motion passed at Council assembly, to  ‘stand up against hate and to challenge Islamophobia, Antisemitism and all other forms of racism and discrimination, in our own organisations and parties as well as outside them’.We believe that racism and hatred can only be tackled collectively. This statement outlines how we intend to tackle Antisemitism specifically, but much of it could apply equally to other forms of racism or hatred.

We are making this statement to set out the measures we as Labour Councillors will take and to set out action we urge the national party to take.

What we will do in Southwark:
- Play a leading role in our local party and local community to call out and challenge Antisemitism in all its forms.
- Educate ourselves on antisemitic ideas, tropes and conspiracies and how best to tackle them.
- Continue to abide by the IHRA definition of Antisemitism
Our party motion on promoting diversity and tolerance, passed in July, sets out our position in more detail and can be read here.

What we want to see from Labour
We urge the National Party to:  
- Call out and confront Antisemitism wherever it exists with rapid action taken to expel those who pedal hate.
-       Undertake a comprehensive review of the whole complaints process to ensure a credible, transparent, fully funded and fair process where everything is set out transparently, with clear timelines for decisions. It is clear that the current process has been inadequate for far too long.
- Put in place a clear process that whistle-blowers can use in all security. 

As a elected Labour representatives we will do what is in our power– both as a group and individuals -  to tackle Antisemitism  in all its forms and to stand up for our Labour values. 


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